Social Emergency Unit, offers an open anonymous counseling service, which employs 5 professional employees (social workers) and approx. 80 volunteers.

We are open daily between 18:00 at night until 07:00 in the morning, for all citizens of Aalborg and North Jutland, who urgently have a need for a talk, counseling or support. The citizens can either come for a personal meeting (no appointment necessary), or contact the Emergency Unit by phone.

Users of the unit contact us with many different issues. It may be people with addictions, marital problems, family problems, sexual abuse experiences and/or mental vulnerability. Some users suffer from loneliness or lack of network. Some of our users are tormented by suicidal thoughts and / or attempts.

The Social Emergency Unit cooperates with the police offering care for victims of violence, rape, etc. (victim support and counseling) (member of Victim Support Demark and Europe). The Social Emergency Unit also cooperates closely with other emergency units in the area (psychiatric and somatic hospital, Crisis Center for Women, etc.).

The unit offers primarily counseling, The work is done through conversations and dialog with the citizen. The Social Emergency Unit do not offer long term or specialist treatments but care for the citizens immediate needs, and also give advises in relation to eg..relevant treatment in the public system, if it is a needed for this. The Social Emergency Department also offers support over a period, eg. while waiting for further treatment is initiated.

We frequently find that the Social Emergency department is the first place people turn to with their problems and we value friendliness and time, where the citizen have a opportunity to present their problems. We value that they feel met and understood. We also have a tradition for meeting citizens with respect, but also with a qualified response, to their situation and how to resolve it.